Tom Brady reminds you that this week is not about him vs. Peyton Manning

FOXBOROUGH — The hype for this week’s Patriots game against the visiting Denver Broncos is real. With two superstar quarterbacks leading a couple of the top teams in the NFL, playing in a nationally televised game, all eyes are drawn to the offensive signal callers.

Just don’t ask Tom Brady what it’s like going up against Peyton Manning. The two have competed against each other 13 times before, with Brady’s Patriots getting the edge seven of 10 times in the regular season and two of three in the playoffs. But it’s not as though they actually face each other.


“I don’t have [to] play against him,” Brady said. “I think that’s the thing. It’s more of the defense that plays against him. You realize that when you play a good team, another good quarterback, that you’re going to have to score a lot of points.

“We try to score points anyway, but this is a very good football team, led by a great quarterback, one of the best of all time. I’m excited to see how we do. It’s early in the week.”

Manning’s Broncos are 9-1 this season and have the top offense in the NFL, scoring 39.8 points per game and averaging 455.5 yards. The Broncos quarterback also has a league-leading 3,572 passing yards and 34 touchdowns. It brings some level of comparison to the Patriots’ 2007 record-setting season.

“I think a lot of that, when you’re going through it, you don’t realize how good it is until you really step back and reflect on it,” Brady said of 2007. “That was, I know, a great year for us.

“You watch what these guys are doing and they have better numbers than we had. It’s incredible to score points like that. They have a lot of guys that can make plays with the ball. Everybody contributes, that’s what good offenses do. The backs contribute, the tight end contributes, the receivers contribute. They’re all scoring touchdowns. It’s not like you can just go in and stop one guy. Our defense has its work cut out.


“Offensively, we know we have to go out and score a lot of points. We can’t have a lot of three-and-outs and certainly turnovers give them extra possessions to score because the teams that have done that have really gotten blown out. You turn it over and give them extra possessions; you’re going to have a very hard time winning.”

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