Cannon fined for leg whip on Panthers’ Johnson

The NFL fined Patriots tackle Marcus Cannon $15,750 for unnecessary roughness in the team’s game against the Panthers on Monday night.

Cannon used a leg whip on Carolina DE Charles Johnson. Johnson was not able to finish the game, and though he looked to be in a great deal of pain at the time, he has been diagnosed with a sprained right MCL. He will not play this week, but is expected to return this season.

Cannon was not flagged on the play.

That was the only fine from the game; Aqib Talib, who mixed it up with receiver Steve Smith, grabbing Smith’s foot at the end of a first-quarter play and not letting go until Smith started kicking his way out of Talib’s hold, was flagged on that play, but not given a financial penalty.


Quarterback Tom Brady, who pursued a referee into the tunnel following the game and was seen on television yelling at him over the controversy on the final play, also was not fined.

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