Texans coach Gary Kubiak says Patriots primed for a championship run

FOXBOROUGH – In looking at the Patriots on film, Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak sees a team that is improving week over week with a championship pedigree.

The Texans coach spoke with members of the media on a conference call Wednesday morning ahead of Sunday’s game with the Patriots.

“Well, I just see ’em playing better and better each week,” Kubiak said. “They’ve obviously got some guys back and getting back to full strength. What they did in the second half last week is just phenomenal. Their leadership with Bill and Tom has been consistent for so many years. I just, I see a team priming itself to make a run for a championship. They’ve got a lot of great players. The coaches on that staff are absolutely tremendous. I see themselves getting into position to go on that run that they usually make.”


The Texans (2-9) are on a nine-game losing streak. But in six of their nine losses, the margin of their opponents’ victory has been by an average of 3.6 points. Game planning for this Patriots team is no easy task, though.

“Obviously working against their offense there’s just so many things that they’re good at,” Kubiak said. “I mean they throw the ball as well as anybody in the game, but they can line up and run it extremely well, too. As they worked through some guys being out, it was impressive to watch them work through that. Defensively, Bill [Belichick] and their scheme has always been very difficult to prepare for.

“In all my years in Denver with Mike [Shanahan], their 3-4, 4-3 all those things. One week to prepare for that group is very tough because the coaches do a very good job of teaching and getting so many things done. Like I said, you guys know how impressed I am with the organization and what they’ve been able to accomplish and continue to accomplish.”

Kubiak also had high praise for Chandler Jones, the Patriots defensive end, who was just named the AFC defensive player of the month.


“He’s extremely talented and long,” he said. “He can rush a passer, we all know that, but the thing that impresses me is he’s playing the run extremely well. They’ve had some new faces inside and those type of things, but have continued to play extremely well. We’re very impressed with him and they’re tough to deal with from a protection standpoint with the many schemes. So we have our work cut out for us.”

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