Talib: Patriots won’t overlook 2-9 Texans

FOXBOROUGH — Houston might enter Sunday’s game with the Patriots on a nine-game losing streak, but the Texans will have their opponent’s undivided attention at Reliant Stadium, according to New England cornerback Aqib Talib.

“Just because they’re 2-9 doesn’t mean they’re going to come and hand us the win,” Talib said. “It’s football. Any given Sunday, you’ve still got to line up, you’ve still got to prepare. We treat it like it’s any other week. We’ve got a great coaching staff, they don’t let us [overlook an opponent].”


Talib, a Texas native, is impressed with Houston’s offense, which features big-play receiver Andre Johnson and quarterback Case Keenum. Johnson and Keenum have connected on seven completions for at least 25 yards; Keenum has 15 such completions this season, or 17 percent of the passes that have been caught. Only the Eagles duo of Michael Vick (20.8 percent) and Nick Foles (18.4 percent) has a higher percentage of 25-yard pass plays.

On Keenum, Talib said: “He can get out of the pocket, he can move the pocket around, he’s got a strong arm, he can make a ton of throws – across his body, across the field – that a lot of quarterbacks won’t be able to make.”

On Johnson: “You always look forward to going against great receivers.”

The Patriots’ secondary has combined for 12 interceptions through 11 games, and is coming off one of its better games, holding Denver’s Peyton Manning to a season-low 150 passing yards in Sunday’s 34-31 overtime victory. Still, Talib had no interest in talking about how well they’ve performed.

“Oh man, the job is far from done,” Talib said. “We don’t look at it like, eight weeks, we’ll applaud ourselves. We’re just trying to be successful this week against Houston.”

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