Broncos just getting started on Patriots work

FOXBOROUGH — The Denver Broncos are just starting their preparation for the AFC Championship against the Patriots.

Broncos coach John Fox, who has a 1-6 record against New England with Carolina and now Denver, said his team was reacquainting itself with the Patriots after their last encounter in late November.

“They’re going to look at us, we’re going to look at them, but my experience is that these games — even if it is the same opponent — take on a completely different personality,” Fox told the Denver media. “I don’t think this will be any different.”


The bulk of the Broncos’ work will begin on Wednesday.

“We’ll get a chance to form up — they were in today, watched the game from yesterday and they got started on New England,” Fox said. “They have tomorrow off, albeit a lot of them do come in and start viewing the upcoming opponent. We’ll form back up Wednesday and see where everybody is at that point.”

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