Broncos safety breaks down the difference between Wes Welker and Julian Edelman

FOXBOROUGH — Denver Broncos safety Mike Adams sees a huge difference between Wes Welker, his teammate, and Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

The two slot receivers are keys for the success of their teams, but short of how the Patriots use Edelman, Adams doesn’t see much similarity between the two.

“I can’t compare the two because Wes is — he’s something special,” Adams told the Denver media. “He can jive up the ball and then speed out and have you off-balance.

“Edelman, he doesn’t do that. He’s a one-speed guy. He doesn’t have the same ability or the quickness that Wes has in the slot. I guess that is the main difference between them. But I don’t know if they use him the same as they used Wes because they’re totally different players.”


Adams sees Edelman as the Patriots’ biggest receiving threat, then Danny Amendola and running back Shane Vereen.

“We’ll have our hands full and this is going to be a battle,” Adams said. “I’m prepared for it.”

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