Aqib Talib: ‘Good luck, Quice. Cash that check’

FOXBOROUGH — For the second time in as many weeks, the Patriots’ playoff opponent signed a former New England player.

Last week, it was the Colts bringing aboard wide receiver Deion Branch. Branch, who lives in the Indianapolis area, hadn’t played for New England all season and wound up being inactive last Saturday night.

On Tuesday, the Broncos signed cornerback Marquice Cole. But unlike Branch, Cole not only fits a need — Denver placed cornerback Chris Harris on injured reserve with a torn ACL — but he’s in game shape and was with the Patriots all season, so he does have a little intel he could pass along.


The news that Cole signed with Denver led some Patriots fans to send out angry messages on Twitter, alleging that he was a traitor (or “trader,” as one wrote).

The reality, of course, is that Cole was unemployed and was offered a job, and former teammate Aqib Talib has no issues with his friend signing with Denver.

“That’s my dog, man,” Talib said in the locker room Wednesday. “Good luck, Quice, man. Cash that check, baby. Pay those bills.”

Asked if Cole could give the Broncos any information on the Patriots, Talib said, “Quice can’t tell Peyton Manning nothing that Peyton Manning don’t already know about us, man.”

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