New Jets lineman and Malden native: Pats fans can kick rocks after we win

Outside of Malden and Seattle, right tackle Breno Giacomini may best be known recently for being the player the New York Jets breathlessly announced they had signed, even as reports filtered on Twitter Wednesday evening that the Patriots had landed former jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Timing isナwell, it’s something.

But Giacomini, a graduate of Malden High School and former lineman for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, already seems pretty comfortable in his new environment in the Meadowlands and ready to make a name for himself in the Jets-Patriots rivalry.

“It will definitely be fun after we win that game,” Giacomini told Newsday on Friday. “I’ll tell my friends and family who are all Patriots fans to go kick some rocks after we win.”


Giacomini, who told reporters on a conference call that he grew up a Drew Bledsoe fan, said the Jets are pointed in the right direction despite the moves the Patriots have made in the AFC East this offseason.

“They went 8-8 last year, so they’re a few games out,” he said. “The main goal would be to win the division first and get a playoff game at home. The defense is pretty good. If you can play defense and run the ball, you can make the playoffs.”

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