Brandon Browner, Darrelle Revis just as excited as you are to be teamed up

If you’re excited about the Patriots’ revamped secondary, boasting cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, who are both now officially signed with the team, you’re not alone.

In back to back conference calls on Monday, Revis and then Browner relayed their thoughts on joining the New England Patriots to help bolster the team’s defensive backs group.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Browner, on playing with Revis. “Not just him, but a lot of the other DBs up there. They’re very good football players. [Devin] McCourty’s a good football player himself. Actually Revis is one of those guys that I’ve studied. He’s a really good technician, so to say. He always seemed like he just has a good base, good balance in his back pedal. So it’ll be fun to play with someone like that. There’ll always be someone to push me. Sort of like what I had with Richard Sherman and those guys, that group up there where we kind of push each other, day in and day out.”


Browner later added: “[Revis is] one of the guys that I studied. Across the league, there’s a few guys I like on film. To be able to play with that guy, man, it’ll be fun. He’s actually the only guy I’ve actually traded or exchanged a jersey with. That’s the kind of respect I’ve got for that guy’s game. I just look forward to playing alongside him and the rest of those guys in New England.”

For Revis, who had 26 teams after him shortly after being cut by the New York Jets, New England just felt right.

“It was a long process and there was a lot of thinking about where do I want to go and where do I want to be,” Revis said. “I felt like New England was the best place for me.”

For Revis, the prospect of the New England secondary with Browner, McCourty, and Logan Ryan is just as enticing.

“As of right now, I’m just trying to focus on being a Patriot right now,” he said. “Everything has happened so fast over the last couple days, so I’m still trying to soak everything in. I know we’ve got Brandon [Browner], I know we’ve got [Devin] McCourty and Logan Ryan. We’ve got some great talent back there. But as of right now, I’m still trying to soak it in and look at the next step ahead and that’s OTAs right now.”


Browner was asked to address his 4-game suspension, but declined to go into detail.

“I’ve said little bit. But I don’t want to go in details,” he said. “For the simple fact I want to keep that behind me and move on forward from that situation. And like I said earlier, I just want to contribute to the Pats. But what I can say, for the last few months my future has been a in a dark place. I’ve made a few mistakes and that’s one of the mistakes that I regret. But I look forward to righting my wrongs. And I’m blessed at the opportunity to come play in New England and start on a good foot.”

The former defensive back with Seattle Seahawks signed a 3-year, $17 million deal. The suspension did not appear to hurt him on the market. After the Patriots, he had a scheduled visit in Washington.

“I was actually fortunate to get a good deal done with them,” he said. “And it probably did hinder going anywhere else. But hey, I wound up where I wanna be.”

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