Some Patriots Fans Unhappy Over Loss of Longtime Seats


The Patriots’ plan to replace 1,500 seats in Gillette Stadium’s south end zone to make room for some fancy lounge has some longtime ticket-holders up in arms, the Globe reports.

Season-ticket holders in the south end zone pay $1,350 per ticket, according to the Globe. Fans affected are in the first 15 to 20 rows of end-zone sections 117 to 124. The Patriots are offering displaced fans seats elsewhere in the stadium, many of them less desirable and some at higher prices.

From the story:

Steve Conchiglia, who has fully tattooed his back with Patriots-themed ink, is part of a group that shares five season tickets in the third row of the south end zone, right above the team’s musket-firing militiamen. Conchiglia, a flooring contractor and amateur artist, gave Patriots owner Robert Kraft a drawing of the team and Myra Kraft after she died in 2011. The drawing is displayed in the Patriots Hall of Fame. … “This is such a horrible thing,’’ he said. “Those seats are like home to us. Mr. Kraft is taking them away from us, and I almost want to take back [the drawing] from him just to prove a point.’’

The new club is being built in response to focus groups with season ticket holders, a team source told the Globe. The official compared it to the Legends Club at TD Garden. It is unclear whether or not all season ticket holders will be charged more for the privilege to access the club.


At some NFL stadiums, fans are charged as much as $20,000 for a personal seat licensing fee. The Patriots do not charge this fee,

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