Dominique Easley Says He’s Healthy, Won’t Say He’s 100 percent

FOXBOROUGH — New Patriots defensive lineman Dominique Easley, trying his best to deflect any questions about his health after suffering two ACL tears, told members of the media on a teleconference that he was healthy and ready to do whatever is asked of him.

“I’m just working to get back healthy and I’m just ready to get up there,” Easley said. “I didn’t say that [I’m not 100 percent], I’m just working to get back healthy, that’s all. I’m just working. I just want to work, just get better, learn a new playbook and learn a new system.”


Only three games into his senior season at Florida, Easley suffered his second ACL tear, this time in his right knee. He had surgery Oct. 24, performed by Dr. James Andrews, and is projected to be fully recovered by mid-summer. It likely affected his draft status with a number of teams, but the Patriots seem to pay no mind.

“It was discussed somewhat, but I’m really just very excited to be a Patriot now and just get up there and get to work and learn the system and do whatever the team needs me to do,” he said.
He’ll likely work alongside defensive tackles Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly, who are both coming off serious injuries of their own.
“It’s going to be a great experience, to get to learn from an old guy, a veteran that’s real good,” Easley said of Wilfork. “He’ll teach me some stuff. It’s going to be real exciting to learn from him.”
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