Leftover Quotes from Patriots OTAs

FOXBOROUGH — Here are some leftover quotes from Thursday’s Patriots availability after practice.

Running back Stevan Ridley on his offseason with teammates:

“It was actually really good to get away from football for a little bit, hang out and really do some things together. And really keep that team bonding going, and growing, even though we weren’t here in Foxborough.”

Wide receiver Danny Amendola on rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo:

“He’s a great player. I trained with him before the combine and before he kind of got started in the NFL, and I noticed he had a great arm, and we’re definitely happy to have him. … It’s one thing to throw the ball and be able to make the plays on your feet and stuff, but to actually control 10 other guys and get them where they need to be is a huge part of playing the quarterback position. He’s learning from the best with Tom [Brady] and [Ryan Mallett].”


Safety Duron Harmon on his fist offseason as a Patriot and possibly starting:

“Truthfully, it’s like my first real offseason because last year I had an injury. This year, it’s my first time actually going through OTAs and I think it’s really going to help me going into training camp. … There’s no starters right now in OTAs. My mentality is to try to get better each and every day and to put myself in the position to make plays when I’m out there on the field.”

Wide receiver Julian Edelman on the goals he has this time of year:

“You know, you want to go in, work your time in. You want to get reps, muscle memory on your fundamentals, running routes. Catching the ball at a high pace with a guy on you, stuff like that. You want to have little mini goals of going in and not making a mistake. If there’s new material each and every day or something like that you want to go in and execute to the best of your ability the first time instead of taking one or two times to do it. Just stuff like that. It’s good to get out here and get reps as a unit, and try not to be that one guy making a mistake on the play.”

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