Richard Sherman Sounds Off on Former Teammate Brandon Browner

Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner’s size and instincts are his strength, according to former teammate Richard Sherman. Barry Chin / Globe Staff

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman understands that his former teammate and current Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner can be a quiet man. Browner was certainly short on words at Patriots OTAs.

So it was interesting that Sherman was able to shed some light on Browner’s abilities and his mentality to the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe.

“[Browner] told me one of the things I’ll never forget,” Sherman said of his first training camp experience with Browner. “He said, ‘They brought us in here — we’re both big, tall, and long — to put our hands on people, to stand up toe to toe every play and put our hands on people, so that’s what we need to do every time.’ And he didn’t say anything else the whole camp to me.”


Sherman, citing the Patriots’ struggles against the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship and Aqib Talib’s departure, was adamant that Browner could help because of his length and strength. At 6-4 and 221 pounds, he can be a game changer for the Patriots. But what’s more, he apparently has some solid instincts that also speak to his talents.
“[Browner] has a very good football IQ,” Sherman said in the Herald article. “I think he’ll be fine picking up their checks and their reads and their defense. I think he’ll pick that up easily and won’t have any problems or issues. He’s a very instinctual player, also.
“Sometimes, putting a lot of pre-snap reads and all that kind of takes away from his instincts, and I hope they don’t do that because that’s part of our game. That’s what allowed us to be successful in Seattle — a lack of checks and the lack of reads and things like that. We just stand up there and go toe to toe.”

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