An Added Wrinkle in the Armond Armstead Mystery

Patriots defensive lineman Armond Armstead is reportedly still suffering from “clotting and other medical issues,” according to The Providence Journal.

Armstead, who missed the 2013 season after undergoing a procedure for an undisclosed infection, has been largely absent from Patriots offseason activities. There has been no indication that the former University of Southern California player was still dealing with any lingering issues after suffering a heart attack in college tied to a painkiller provided to him by the university. Armstead is currently suing the school because of the effects the drug had on him.

The Providence Journal’s Mark Daniels notes that in his lawsuit, Armstead’s lawyers admitted that he had still not been cleared to play as of April and that he was having “clotting and other medical issues.” That would explain Armstead’s continued absence from team practices, including mandatory minicamp this week.


Armstead’s case will go to trial March 23, 2015.

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