Bill Belichick Welcomed With Open Arms…at Arby’s

As the sage Marge Simpson once noted, “People do crazy things in ads. Like eat at Arby’s.”

There may be no word as to whether or not Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a fan of fast food roast beef. But the owner of an Arby’s franchise in Richmond, Va., where the Patriots are holding joint practices with the Washington Redskins this week, in advance of Thursday’s exhibition opener at FedEx Field, has saved a spot for Belichick in any case.

As Scott Allen of The Washington Post noted, “Dean Kovanes, owner of the Arby’s at 2309 W. Broad St., hinted that he had something special planned for the Patriots’ arrival in Richmond when he unveiled a reserved parking sign for ‘Redskins great’ LaVar Arrington at the start of training camp.”


Oh, the binoculars are a cute touch, whether they happen to be a reference to “Spygate” or a hint that Belichick should seek elsewhere down the strip for proper sustenance.

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