Report: Patriots Already Working to Extend Darrelle Revis’ Contract


The Patriots haven’t even played a game yet, but they are already highly impressed with what they’ve seen from All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis.

According to veteran NFL reporter Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, the Patriots have already begun trying to extend Revis’ two-year contract.

“What I’m hearing from the Patriots is that Revis has been so good so far that they are privately already starting to talk about extending his contract,” Cole said to Bleacher Report’s Adam Lefkoe. “The Patriots like what they see so much — they think they see the next Ty Law and that shutdown cover corner to really get their defense going — that they’d like to extend him out. Robert Kraft, the owner of the team, has pulled Darrelle Revis aside and started to talk to him to see if they can get a long term deal worked out.”


The Patriots signed Revis to a two-year, $32 million deal in March. The deal contains a team option for the second year, which means the Patriots will either pay Revis a $12 million roster bonus or he will become a free agent once again in 2015.

Clearly, the Patriots would rather it not reach that point.

Revis has been involved in some ugly contract disputes in the past, including one in 2010 that resulted in Revis holding out of camp for 35 days. He eventually signed a four-year deal that paid him an average of $16.25 million in each of the first two seasons, but only $13.5 million total in the final two seasons. He was considering holding out again in 2012, but reported to camp on time.

The Patriots and Revis could agree to a restructured and/or extended contract at any time, according to former NFL agent and salary cap expert Joel Corry, but if Revis receives a salary increase while reworking his deal, he cannot get another raise for at least one year.

In the past, Revis has stated his desire to be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. Robert Kraft may have to open up the check book if they want Revis to stick around beyond the 2014 season.


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