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Tom Brady’s Dad: Son Was a ‘Pretty Slow White Guy’ in High School

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In an interview with NFL Network, the father of the Patriots’ quarterback said that even growing up, his son has never been the fastest player on the football field. Ben Margot/AP

No one would ever mistake Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick when it comes to moving around on the football field, and according to his father, Tom Brady Sr., it’s been that way since high school.

In an interview with NFL Network’s Andrea Kremer, the elder Brady expressed how his son’s speed – or lack thereof – made it seem unlikely he would reach the highest level.

“When he was in high school, he was a pretty slow white guy,” Brady Sr. said. “And he said ‘I’m gonna go play college football.’ Well, we would never dissuade him from that, we would always be supportive, because someone else might take his dream away, but his parents and his sisters will never take it away.”


Brady, whose 5.28 second 40-yard time at the 2000 NFL combine was the second slowest of all quarterbacks that year, made fun of his own lack of speed in a Facebook post earlier this season, setting his 17-yard against the Dolphins in Week 15 to the famous tune from “Chariots of Fire.”

Later in the interview, Brady Sr. admitted he was devastated when his son informed him he had decided to play college football for the Michigan Wolverines, and instead preferred his son to attend a school closer to their home in San Mateo, California.

“When he ultimately decided to go to Michigan…it broke my heart; it killed me,” he said. “I wanted him to go to Cal-Berkeley, 35 miles away. I went to a psychologist for two months to get over the fact that I had separation from my son, who’s one of my best friends in the whole world.”

Brady’s father went on to say that he and his family worry about what his son will do once he finally hangs up his cleats.

“When the day is over, will he be able to find a passion to replace this passion,” he said. “When you have somebody who loves it as much as he does, that is a concern for his mom and I.


“There are no sacred cows in the NFL. If Bill Belichick doesn’t want him anymore, then Bill Belichick will get rid of him.”

Ultimately, Tom Brady is confident that Sunday’s game against the Colts will not be the final one for the Patriots season, a drive that his father says has propelled him through his career that will one day end in Canton, Ohio.

“He doesn’t have a doubt that they’re going to get to the Super Bowl, and he doesn’t have a doubt that they’re going to win the Super Bowl,” Brady Sr. said. “Now whether or not that happens, that remains to be seen. He’s got a never ending will to succeed and a will to work and to do what is necessary to get where he wants to be.”


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