Colts LB Jackson Never Noticed Ball Was Deflated


The story of DeflateGate continues to grow, but it all began with an interception by Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson in the first quarter.

According to reports that have developed over the past few days, Jackson noticed that the football was underinflated and gave the ball to an equipment manager.

But if Jackson was the one who noticed the ball had less air than the 12.5 psi standard, no one told him about it. He didn’t give it to an equipment manager for inspection.

“I wanted that ball as a souvenir!” Jackson said, according to Jeff Darlington of NFL Media.


To be fair, there have been varying reports on who noticed the ball had less air in it. Bob Glauber of NewsDay originally reported that it was the equipment manager who noticed it had less air than normal.

“I wouldn’t know how that could even be an advantage or a disadvantage,” Jackson said. “I definitely wouldn’t be able to tell if one ball had less pressure than another.”

Jackson also said he did not intend to prompt the NFL’s investigation, and that he only found out about the controversy after his team had landed back in Indianapolis.

Regardless of who reported what to whom, this scandal is not likely to go away until after any punishment is announced.

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