Former Somerville athletes say hazing went undetected before assault

7/12/16 - Cambridge, MA - Galileo Mondol, cq, now 19, had just turned 17 in 2013 when he was falsely accused of the aggravated rape of a child. Mondol was a member of the Somerville High soccer team and was present in a cabin at a school summer camp in the Berkshires when a teammate was indecency assaulted with a broomstick in a hazing incident. It took two years for prosecutors to drop the charges against Mondol. His life has never been the same.Topic: Hazing. Story by Bob Hohler/Globe Staff. Photo by Dina Rudick/Globe Staff.
Galileo Mondol, shown in 2016, is suing the city of Somerville for more than $1 million. –Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Somerville’s mayor and school officials have insisted for nearly four years that they did all they could to prevent members of the high school soccer team from indecently assaulting three teammates during a city-run summer sports camp in the Berkshires. They described the incident, which involved the crude use of a broomstick, as an isolated crime.

But three former captains of the Somerville High School soccer team and at least five other players who attended the 2013 camp have testified under oath that the broomstick assault was preceded that weekend by numerous incidents of sexualized misconduct that purportedly went undetected by Somerville coaches and chaperones who were responsible for supervising the student-athletes.


The two juveniles who pleaded guilty to the assaults and served 13 months in youth detention facilities also gave sworn statements that they were victims of hazing or sexual misconduct at Somerville’s sports camp the previous summer.


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