Here’s what players and coaches had to say after the Buccaneers beat the Patriots

"He wasn’t going to make any mistakes that cost us the game."

Jim Davis/Globe Staff
Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is 1-3 as a starter.

Here is a selection of comments from players and coaches on both sides after the Bucs beat the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Bill Belichick on Mac Jones’s performance in defeat:

“We’re going to look at the film. Again I thought our team played competitively, and Mac is certainly a part of that. You know, we can all play better and all learn from, you know, some of the things we could have done better but Mac fought hard and made a lot of plays for us.”

Belichick on the team’s struggles to run the ball:

“We couldn’t get much going there. They are obviously a good run defense but we couldn’t – we couldn’t get much done there. That was disappointing. We have good backs but we haven’t been able to really get them started very often. So it’s definitely something we need to work on and do better.”


Bucs coach Bruce Arians on what the win meant for Tom Brady:

“I think it’s very, very special for him obviously. You know, he kept it inside all week and he’s probably letting it out right now. But it was a big week for him, but it was a bigger week for the team. I was very, very frustrated with everybody saying this was a quarterback and a coach. This is a team sport. The Bucs won this game. We beat the Patriots. We were losing sight that this is a team game. Everybody wanted to make this all about Brady and Belichick. I don’t think Bill played a snap.”

Arians on how he thought Brady played:

“Very careful. He wasn’t going to make any mistakes that cost us the game. Crunched in crunch time, the two-minute drive before the half, when we had to have field goals, he got us down the field.”

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones on his postgame exchange with Brady:

“He just told me to keep my head up and keep working. I just got a chance to congratulate him on the win. He’s a great quarterback, he played well tonight.”


Jones on how he was able to stay composed amid the hoopla:

“I think just focus on what’s important now, is kind of what I tell myself and on Tuesday that was practice. On Wednesday it was practice. Thursday, practice. Friday practice. So I just try to focus on how I can get better in the past week and everything else is a distraction. I just try to block the noise and everyone on our team tried to block the noise and I wish I played a little better so that we could have won but it is what it is. Hats off to the other football team for getting the win.”

Jones on Josh McDaniels’s game plan:

“I think Josh did a great job this week preparing everybody for what we wanted to do and how we wanted to attack the game. You know, I think we executed well. Well, obviously not good enough to win but Josh did a great job and I think it was good for us to learn that we didn’t put it all together but we got close to putting it all together and playing a full game together. When we can do that, I think positive things will happen.”


Patriots safety Devin McCourty on what Jones has shown his teammates:

“He’s one of the guys now. He’s not a rookie. We expect him to lead. We expect him to be our quarterback. That’s how respected he is in that locker room.’’


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