Bill Simmons says Boston’s sports media is embarrassing the city

"It sucks."

Bill Simmons thinks it's time to move on from "Yankees Suck!"
Bill Simmons speaks onstage during a conference in 2015. Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

Maybe work and weather weren’t the only reasons that Bill Simmons moved to Los Angeles.

In a series of tweets Saturday, Simmons blasted Boston’s sports media for its most recent string of controversies and waxed nostalgic about an older generation of writers who inspired him to pursue a career in the industry. The comments came just a day after a Boston Herald writer was duped by a hoaxer and a WEEI host was suspended for subsequently using a racially stereotyped accent to mock the incident. WEEI also recently suspended a host for calling Tom Brady’s daughter an “annoying little pissant.”


“The sports media has been embarrassing the city for 3 solid decades, it sucks,” Simmons wrote Saturday.

Simmons referred back to the 1990 episode in which Herald reporter Lisa Olson accused several New England Patriots players as a turning point in the increasing nastiness of Boston’s sports media climate. Olson was forced to move to Australia due to the intense backlash from some Patriots fans.

The Ringer CEO — who grew up and began his sports-writing career in the Boston area — has long been critical of the city’s sports media industry, particularly WEEI. In a 2002 column announcing his move to Los Angeles, Simmons wrote Boston’s infamously negative sports media “makes it unpleasant to follow sports.” And in 2009, the former ESPN writer served a two-week Twitter suspension after he called WEEI “deceitful scumbags.”