Kirk Minihane gives an update on his status: ‘I’m still working through some stuff’

"Not sure I’m going to come back or not when this is over."

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Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy (left) speaking with WEEI morning drive talk show hosts Kirk Minihane (second from right) and Gerry Callahan (far right) in Fort Myers in February. –Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Kirk Minihane, who earlier this month took an indefinite leave of absence as co-host of WEEI’s “Kirk and Callahan’’ morning show due to mental health issues, provided an update on status Friday with an audio clip played on the program.

“I feel fine. I feel better,’’ said Minihane in the near 3-minute clip, which he sent to the show’s producer, Chris Curtis. “I’m still working through some stuff. Not sure I’m going to come back or not when this is over yet.’’

Minihane acknowledged he is still working through some of the reasons for his struggles, including his conflicts with station management about the direction of the show.


“I just need things . . . I’ve allowed a lot of this stuff with management to build in my head and I have to get to the point where I realize they’re never going to change,’’ he said.

“I have to get to the point where I realize they’re going to do this, they’re going to do what they have to do. That’s their job. My job is to go in, do the best show I can, and just say [expletive] and leave, and not allow all of their [expletive] to bother me.

“And I’ll be OK, and I want to do that. I want the show to be fun again, like it was a year ago. And I think I’m going to get there. I’m working through that.’’

Minihane announced the leave of absence on Twitter Sept. 6.

“Still battling mental health issues,’’ Minihane tweeted. “Truth is I came back to work too fast.’’

Minihane had previously revealed on Aug. 9 that he had recently checked himself into Winchester Hospital with suicidal thoughts. He was transferred to McLean Hospital, where he underwent treatment.

Co-host Gerry Callahan said on the air Friday that he is frequently asked about how Minihane is doing.


“The truth is, I’m OK,’’ said Minihane during the clip. “People take a couple of weeks off from work all the [expletive] time. It’s not that unusual. It’s not like I’ve been gone for three years. It feels odd giving the update.’’