First, there was ‘Tom vs. Time.’ Now, there’s ‘Stephen vs. The Game.’

"This is a really powerful trend that's happening."

Tom vs. Time Tom Brady
Tom Brady's docu-series "Tom vs. Time" –Facebook

A year after the most famous quarterback on the planet starred in his own Facebook documentary series, the world’s most recognizable point guard is getting the same treatment.

Facebook announced Monday – in conjunction with Stephen Curry’s production company, Unanimous Media, and director Gotham Chopra – a new six-episode docuseries titled “Stephen vs The Game.” The series will air this spring on Facebook Watch, the company’s on-demand video service. It comes after Facebook’s “Tom vs Time,” a similar project focusing on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The new series follows Curry over the past year, beginning during last year’s playoff run and subsequent championship with the Golden State Warriors, continuing during the offseason and then concluding during the current season. The series will showcase behind-the-scenes footage of Curry’s life off the court: his training, his family, his faith, plus home video from his youth basketball career.


“We believe that athletes are their own media companies,” Dan Reed, Facebook’s vice president of global sports and media partnerships, said in an interview. “And via social platforms like ours, we’re really focusing on athletes being able to take advantage of this medium in ways that weren’t possible before.”

Reed said that there are about 700 million sports fans on Facebook and that the majority of connections on the site are between fans and individual athletes; more, in fact, than between fans and teams and fans and leagues combined.

“This is a really powerful trend that’s happening, and Stephen is one of the leaders in the space,” Reed said.