NESN’s Kacie McDonnell apologizes for ‘insensitive comment’

“There’s no excuse for my use of hurtful words."

Kacie McDonnell during Tuesday's NESN broadcast

NESN’s Kacie McDonnell apologized Tuesday for an “insensitive comment” made during the “Social Stretch” segment of Monday night’s Red Sox broadcast.

“I’d like to take a minute to apologize to our viewers, in particular, those who I offended by an insensitive comment in my report [Monday] night,” McDonnell said at the top of the fourth inning of Tuesday’s game. “There’s no excuse for my use of hurtful words, and, again, for that, I am truly, truly sorry.”

While discussing the minor league baseball fan that recently garnered attention for eating mayonnaise in the stands, McDonnell drew backlash for referring to the man’s top as a “guinea tee.”


“It’s very disgusting — a Memphis Red Birds fan just shoveling mayo out of a giant tub into his mouth with a giant spoon,” said McDonnell, who joined NESN in August 2016. “It looks like he spilled a little bit on his T-shirt, on his guinea tee there.”

NESN did not respond to a request for comment.