Nate Robinson dribbled between the legs of a 7-foot opponent during an actual NBA D-League game

Nate Robinson pictured with the Celtics in 2010. —Jim Davis / The Boston Globe

It seems being short isn’t completely a disadvantage on the basketball court. Just ask Nate Robinson.

The 5-foot-9 former Celtics guard — currently playing for the NBA D-League’s Delaware 87ers in the hopes of making an NBA comeback — found a creative way to split the double team during a game Saturday.

In what looked like a scene out of Space Jam, Robinson actually dribbled between the legs of the 7-foot-3 Raptors 905 center Edy Tavares.

It just goes to show: Robinson can both go over and under this opponents.

We’re not sure which is more demoralizing.

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