Steve Kerr got ‘a little rattled’ because he thought a reporter was Jimmy Garoppolo

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr yells instructions in the first half. –AP Photo/Tony Dejak

For a moment late Tuesday night, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr thought Jimmy Garoppolo had picked up an offseason gig as a basketball reporter.

After CBS Sports’ Colin Ward-Henninger asked a question about Zaza Pachulia’s performance, Kerr didn’t immediately offer an answer because he had mistaken Ward-Henninger for the 49ers starting quarterback.

“Sorry, I’m a little rattled,” he said during his postgame press conference. “I thought you were Jimmy Garoppolo.”

His response was met with laughter, as Kerr had to request Ward-Henninger to repeat the question. At the Warriors’ practice Wednesday afternoon, the 52-year-old opened his media availability by asking where “Garoppolo” was.


Ward-Henninger tweeted after the incident, “So Steve Kerr just said he didn’t listen to my question because I look like Jimmy Garoppolo… never heard that one before, but he’s a good looking dude so I’ll take it.”