Laura Ingraham’s comments on LeBron James draw criticism from Dwyane Wade

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James shoots and scores over San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green during the first half. –AP Photo/Eric Gay

The Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Thursday insulted LeBron James’ intelligence and said he and fellow basketball star Kevin Durant should not express their political opinions, comments that drew a strong rebuke from James’ former teammate Dwyane Wade.

Ingraham called recent statements James had made about President Donald Trump “barely intelligible,” in a segment on her Fox News show, “The Ingraham Angle.”

Then, after showing a clip featuring James speaking about the president with Durant and the ESPN host Cari Champion, she asked, “Must they run their mouths like that?”

Wade, in a tweet, said that Ingraham’s remarks underscored the way that racist speech has flourished under Trump.


James, Durant and Champion are black, and many commentators noted online that the word “they” in her sentence, as well as her comments about James’ intelligence, came across as racist.

Ingraham, a stalwart ally of Trump, belittled James for leaving high school early to enter the NBA and said that it was unwise to “seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year to bounce a ball.”

“You’re great players but no one voted for you,” she concluded, addressing James and Durant. “Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself, or as someone once said, shut up and dribble.”

Ingraham’s comments referred to a clip of James and Durant criticizing the president from James’ video platform, Uninterrupted. James spoke about his experience as an African-American and then, prompted by Champion, repeated his past criticisms of Trump.

Durant then spoke about how he learned life skills from basketball and compared Trump to a “bad coach.” On her show, Ingraham edited the clip to remove substantial parts of both men’s comments.

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

James has been politically outspoken, particularly in regard to Trump. In September, he called the president a “bum” after Trump said he had withdrawn an invitation for the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House.


After a racial slur was painted on the front gates of his home in Los Angeles last year, James addressed how he continues to struggle with racism, despite his success.

“No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in America is — it’s tough,” James said at the time. “And we got a long way to go for us as a society and for us as African-Americans until we feel equal in America.”

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