Why Kevin Garnett didn’t include LeBron James in his all-time starting lineup

Kevin Garnett
LeBron James drives to the basket in the fourth quarter against the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. –Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis

When Kevin Garnett revealed his selections for best starting lineup of all time, actor Jamie Foxx called him out for neglecting a specific active player in the league.

“I’m just saying, you left off LeBron James,” Foxx told the 15-time All-Star on a recent episode of Garnett’s TV show, Area 21.

Garnett — who played six seasons in Boston and was a part of the Celtics’ 2008 title squad — elected to go with all retired players: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, himself, and Shaquille O’Neal.

“Ain’t no young boys in my top five!” he said of James’s absence. “Ain’t no young boys in my top five!”


For the record, Garnett also noted he didn’t want to include himself. But the 41-year-old wasn’t opposed when Foxx suggested it.