Jermaine Wiggins thinks 2001 Patriots would’ve still won the Super Bowl with Drew Bledsoe

"We still would've evolved as a team."

Jermaine Wiggins during his time with the Patriots.
Jermaine Wiggins during his time with the Patriots. –Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe

As the Patriots head into the first season in decades without Tom Brady, an inevitable question will be whether or not New England can win a Super Bowl without its longtime superstar.

An interesting twist on that question was discussed in a recent WEEI segment on “The Greg Hill Show,” when former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins made a bold assertion.

Wiggins — who was a member of the 2001 Patriots — believes that New England could have won Super Bowl XXXVI without Brady.

“If Drew Bledsoe’s our quarterback, and we’re doing everything else that we were doing, we still win a Super Bowl,” said Wiggins.


Given the historical implications, Wiggins was then asked if Bledsoe had never been hurt by Jets linebacker Mo Lewis in Week 2 of the 2001 season (allowing Brady to replace him), would the Patriots have still recovered from an 0-2 start and gone on to win an improbable championship.

“Yeah, I believe that,” Wiggins responded. “Bledsoe was a Super Bowl caliber quarterback, right? He had proven that he could play at the highest level. It was all making sure that the team around him was doing the things that we needed to do. So we ran the football well, we played good defense.”

When a co-host interrupted to say that the Patriots wouldn’t have run the football as much if Bledsoe had remained the quarterback, Wiggins remained adamant.

“We still would’ve evolved as a team,” he explained. “And we still would’ve been in a position where we would’ve had the talent and the personnel to win a Super Bowl.”

The WEEI show released a Twitter poll asking voters if they agreed with Wiggins’s take or not. With over 1,500 votes in response, 76 percent disagreed with the former tight end.

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