Sunday links

Three quick-hit links to pass along:

* David Halberstam’s book on Bill Belichick drew some attention in Cleveland, where one writer recaps the chapter of Belichick’s days as Browns head coach (1991-1995).

Speaking with Buffalo writers this week, Belichick had this to say about the book: “I haven’t read it all, I read some excerpts. I think David is certainly a superstar in what he does. It was a great experience to spend time with him to get to know him. He’s a very interesting and smart, perceptive man. Pretty much everything he does turns out great. I hope I’m not the one to break that streak.”


* In Buffalo, one columnist isn’t so sure he likes the idea of Tedy Bruschi returning to action.

* And for those who like the technical side of football, one Buffalo writer dissects what can make the Patriots’ offense a tough matchup –- they can spread their offense or pound away in tigher formations. One of the coaches in the story, Steve Szabo, was a volunteer assistant in New England under Bill Belichick for one year.

More to come closer to tonight’s kickoff.



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