Bills reaction

Quotes from Bills’ locker room:

Coach Mike Mularkey (on his reaction)
“Very disappointed. You’ve got to learn how to finish games off. We played enough for that long, but against teams of this caliber that have been in big games, you can’t give them a breath and we did that, and they took advantage of it. It’s not surprising.”

Mularkey (on breakdowns in key situations)
“I’m actually proud of these guys. I’m frustrated for them, not at them. I think we took a step forward tonight. We overcame a lot of adversity coming into this game where everyone and their brother counted us out until the last five minutes. I was pretty proud of how we reacted to that adversity.”


Quarterback Kelly Holcomb (on Tedy Bruschi)
“Obviously, he had an effect. He’s the heart and soul of that defense. He had an effect on the crowd too, when he came out before the game.”

Holcomb (on ball control)
“They have a good offense, world champions three out of four years, and they can move the ball. We wanted to try and eat up the clock and for the most part we did that all day. But when you get in the red zone, you’ve got to get touchdowns. You can’t kick field goals. We had our opportunities to make touchdowns and we didn’t do it.”

Receiver Eric Moulds (on his pass interference call late in the fourth quarter)
“I don’t think I did, but the official saw something I didn’t see. Even the New England guy was saying we got away with one that time. It was a crucial time in the game and that that point, I thought we would have been able to just play.”

Running back Willis McGahee (on the loss)
“It hurt. We had them beat all the way throughout the whole game. When it came down to finishing, we didn’t.”



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