Washington Post Reader: Don’t Lump Fred Flintstone in With Ray Rice

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A Washington Post reader took exception to Post columnist Sally Jenkins’ word choice in a recent column on Ray Rice, the embattled Baltimore Ravens running back given a two-game suspension by the NFL for allegedly assaulting his fiancee.

In a letter to the editor, reader Martin Kramer is pretty miffed that Jenkins wrote Rice was “going all Fred Flintstone on his wife.’’ Hey! That’s a respectable cartoon character you’re talking about here.

The letter is pretty clearly a put-on, but it’s a brilliant one, ending with the line, “What Mr. Rice did could perhaps qualify as a stereotype of caveman behavior, Ms. Jenkins, but yabba dabba don’t lump Fred Flintstone in with that hype of behavior.’’


Update: OK so the Post’s Marissa Payne talked to this letter-writer,and apparently he was being sincere in his love of the show. From Payne’s story.

“[Fred’s] just an every-man. He’s just a guy trying to make his way in the world,’’ Kramer says. “He goes to work and is just trying to spend time with his wife and his dinosaur.

“I always appreciate and love my wife [like Flintstone],’’ Kramer explains. He admits that at times Flintstone is capable of “blowing his top’’ when it came to dealings with Wilma’s mother, but it never resulted in anything violent. “I should add, I don’t have any problems with my mother-in-law,’’ says Kramer.

The follow-up interview makes all of this even more awesome.

h/t Deadspin

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