Conflicted Twintuition: Devin McCourty’s Brother Envious of Playoff Opportunities

Jason McCourty is getting tired of watching his brother Devin in the playoffs while he misses out.
Jason McCourty is getting tired of watching his brother Devin in the playoffs while he misses out. –Getty Images for Maxim

Patriots safety Devin McCourty has gotten used to playing important football games this time of year, and it’s starting to make his twin brother a little jealous.

In an essay for, Jason McCourty, cornerback for NFL bottom feeder Tennessee, said he’s “extremely happy for Devin’’ but “every year, part of me simmers with envy.’’

“When my teammates are around, he’s always talking trash and lecturing me about what ‘winning football looks like,’’’ Jason writes. “I hate the fact that only once have I played in a Week 16 game that mattered.’’

As competitive as they are on the gridiron, the McCourty twins are best friends off the field. They share a Twitter account and a Facebook page. They went to Rutgers together and spend plenty of time together in the offseason.


Unfortunately for Jason, Bill Belichick’s infatuation with Rutgers defensive players came about one year too late. Jason left Rutgers a year early and was selected in the 6th round of the 2009 NFL Draft. One year later, Devin was the Patriots’ 1st round selection.

It’s not all bad for Jason. He signed a 5 year, $43 million contract extension with the Titans prior to the 2012 season, so he’s the richer McCourty for now. He also claims to be very happy in Nashville.

But considering he’s the (very slightly) younger of the two twins, it’s understandable if his brother’s postseason opportunities make Jason feel a step behind.

Jason says that he’s cheering for his brother and hopes he wins a Super Bowl ring and MVP award. The sincerity of that is apparent, but it’ll still be a bittersweet watching his brother chase a Super Bowl while the younger McCourty watches from home.

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