Chirp Chirp: What Ravens Fans Are Saying About the Patriots

Ravens fans have some strong opinions about this Saturday’s playoff matchup with the Patriots.
Ravens fans have some strong opinions about this Saturday’s playoff matchup with the Patriots. –Getty Images

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After a quick scroll through the message boards on the Ravens’ official website, as well as a read through the comments on some of’s own content leading up to Saturday’s game, we compiled our favorite responses from Baltimore fans.

Some make valid points, some make spelling / factual errors (like the guy who thinks Aqib Talib still plays for the Patriots), some are funny, and some are flat out mean. One thing is clear: Emotions are running white hot for Saturday’s playoff game.

All comments are attributed to the username of the poster.

Ravens Board: Ravens Ready for Patriots to Bring it On


“Whenever you play the Patriots, you also play his protectors. Not the offensive line, but the officials. They seem to look the other way for him, but if you breath on him, out comes the flags. It has happened time and time again, not just to us, but to other teams the Patriots have played. I’ll never forget when Brady, lying on his back, stuck his spikes in Ed Reed’s stomach. Surprise, surprise, no call. Yet when the Ravens fly past him, without even contacting him, the yellow flag comes out. I don’t understand how the NFL could be so oblivious to the favoritism he gets from the officials. He is a whiner to boot. If he doesn’t get a call, he cries about it. Sure enough, the next play or so you can count on the flag for him.’’


“The toughest part of NE’s team is their corners, Revis and Talib. Wilfork in the middle is another NE strong point. These will be the toughest areas for Kubiak and Joe to overcome. Likewise on the other side of the ball Brady will have his hands full and he has melted down under Baltimore pressure in the past. He will be facing the best front seven in the NFL with a ferocious pass rush under which he has routinely folded. Now that the secondary seems to have solidified behind Hill, Melvin and Webb, Brady might be in for a long day. This seems like deja vu all over again.’’



“The Patriots and their fans do not want to see the Ravens come to town. They know we know how to beat them in the playoffs. They know we know they know this.’’


“Get pressure on Brady and he throws picks JUST A SIMPLE FACT!!! 1 more fact our Joe Flacco has out played Brady a few times in the playoffs and I know he can do it again!!! GO RAVENS!!!’’

-Alskan Raven Fan

“Patriots are not happy having to face us next weekend. They know what they are in for and you can bet Brady is getting his whine on. It really gets me when he complains to the refs all the time about a player actually touching him. He should think about badminton or bowling if he can’t take the hits anymore.’’


“Brady hasn’t faced a D Line like ours this year…Be ready for some Cry Baby calls…’’


Ravens Board: Mood in New England After Learning of Ravens Matchup

“The NE offense is the kind of dink and dunk O that we have trouble with. We need to be ready for all of the screen passes and short combinations. They are going to minimize our pass rush by getting the ball out early’’


“’’And their linebackers are average at best.’’ Ben Volin, The Boston Globe Let’s make sure this line gets on the wall in the Ravens locker room. What a hack. “


“I’m not so sure that the 7.5 spread should be all that much of a reassurance to Pats fans, given they were 9 point favorites in 2012.’’



Ravens Board: Next Up, Patriots

“Guarantee the Ravens were the one team the Patriots didn’t want to face’’

-Mt. Crushmore

“Always a good time to shut their fan up. Most overrated team in sports history. Let’s pummel the cheatriots and destroy UGGs Brady in good fashion. “


“I actually like playing in Foxboro. Its very comfortable. Doesn’t seem as loud or hostile as most places. I think we match up with them pretty well as well. “


“Get ready for some false bravado and arrogance by Pats fans followed by a blank stare and a sigh. They know who knocks.’’


“The fact that the Patriots starters did not play in two weeks will be their undoing on Saturday.’’


“LaFell & Edleman scare me. I have a feeling Brady feeds both of them with a bunch of short passes and then takes some shots. He’ll be more aggressive against us now that Reed is no longer roaming around. Or they could just go run crazy which might work against us with the type of backs they have. “


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