Tom Brady Battles a Cold With…Garlic?

Brady has a case of the sniffles.
Brady has a case of the sniffles. –AP

Tom Brady confessed that he’s consuming a lot of garlic this week as he battles a cold. With the Super Bowl just days away, Brady is on “day 4 or 5’’ with his fight and he’s turned to “old remedies’’ in favor of modern medicine.

These stories only seem to be stories during Super Bowl week, when the NFL media realizes there are only two teams left to write about and a case of the sniffles is a big story.

There are some competing conspiracy theories surrounding Garlicgate. One theory is that Brady’s garlic breath will keep pesky reporters out of his face so he can focus on preparing for the Seahawks. Another theory centers around whether Bill Belichick was aware Brady was ingesting garlic, or if perhaps one of the equipment managers gave the garlic to Brady without anyone knowing.


Or perhaps evil genius Bill Belichick is using biological supergerms to his advantage, infecting his quarterback with a cold to give him the illusion that Sunday’s game in Arizona is actually a frigid January home game at Gillette Stadium.

Whatever the reason, there’s a multi-millionaire who has a supermodel wife and a common cold, and he’s eating garlic to get rid of it.

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