Refs Didn’t Log Pre-Game PSIs And Other Takeaways From NFL Ops Presser

Blandino answers a question during Thursday’s press conference.
Blandino answers a question during Thursday’s press conference. –Getty Images

In a pre-Super Bowl press conference with NFL Football Operations Thursday, Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino dropped a bombshell, telling reporters the air pressure of the balls used in the Jan. 18 AFC Championship game were not logged.

Also taking part in the press conference were Super Bowl XLIX referee Bill Vinovich and NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent.

Following the press conference, one media member suggested the NFL would have a tough time proving a case against the Patriots without records of pre-game air pressure.

Further, Blandino reportedly said the NFL was not made aware of the Patriots potentially using deflated footballs in their Nov. 16 contest with the Colts, as has been suggested.


According to the Boston Herald, Vinovich and Blandino at one point disagreed on how the referees would handle receiver eligibility, which became a hot topic after Bill Belichick’s so-called deception in the team’s Jan. 10 divisional round win over Baltimore. Vinovich apparently believed it was the referee’s duty to tell teams not to cover an ineligible receiver, which Blandino refuted.

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