Ted Wells Laughs at Patriots’ ‘Deflator’ Explanation, Says He Likes Tom Brady

Ted Wells, lead investigator in the Deflategate scandal.
Ted Wells, lead investigator in the Deflategate scandal. –Handout

And the Deflategate beat goes on.

In the latest installment of the ongoing “he said, he said’’ saga, NFL lead investigator Ted Wells has commented on the Patriots’ rebuttal to his legal team’s report on the scandal.

“I was asked to do a job,’’ Wells told the New York Post Thursday in Manhattan. “My job was to be impartial, fair and look at the evidence and set the record. That’s what happened. I’ve got no dog in the race, and I like Tom Brady.’’

The Patriots promoted a website, wellsreportcontext.com, Thursday, that contested many aspects of the Wells report with annotations from a team lawyer, Daniel L. Goldberg.


According to The Post, Wells laughed when told of the Patriots’ claim that locker room attendant Jim McNally’s reference to himself as “The Deflator’’ was related to his desire to lose weight.

Read the full New York Post report here.

Wells previously responded to criticism of his report on Deflategate by the Patriots and Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee, in a conference call Tuesday.

“The conclusions in the report represent the independent opinions of me personally and my team,’’ Wells said. “And those conclusions were not influenced in any way, shape or form by anyone at the league office. We made a fair and reasonable review of the evidence, and we reached conclusions based on the preponderance of the evidence standard, which I was required to apply based on the league’s rules.’’

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decided to hear Brady’s appeal of a four-game suspension himself. He is also scheduled to attend the league’s owner’s meetings in San Francisco next week where will face Patriots owner Robert Kraft for the first time since the Deflategate decision was handed down.

Timeline of Deflategate

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