Courtroom artist: ‘Tell Tom Brady I’m sorry I didn’t make him pretty enough’

Jane Rosenberg has had easier days. The courtroom artist says she was “bombarded with calls and emails’’ on Wednesday after creating what one critic on Twitter called “the worst sketch of Tom Brady ever created.’’

“I haven’t digested it yet,’’ she said in an interview. “I know it’s gone viral. It’s kind of funny now, I may feel sad later, but right now it hasn’t sunk in.’’

She added: “Tell Tom Brady I’m sorry I didn’t make him pretty enough. He’s very pretty.’’

Brady was in court Wednesday making his case before a federal judge in the latest chapter of the Deflategate saga.


Rosenberg said that as a courtroom artist, the length of time she has to work on a sketch varies. If it’s an arraignment, she can have as little as five minutes to make a sketch.

“I know I don’t tend to flatter people,’’ she said.

While she has little time, Rosenberg says she aims to capture everything about a proceeding: mood, scene, and likeness.

“I’m not perfect in that length of time,’’ she said. “I’m lucky enough people realized it was Tom Brady.’’

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