Morning Sports Update: Takeaways and reactions on Brady and Goodell’s day in court

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is shown here leaving federal court after appealing the NFL decision to suspend him for four games of the 2015 season.
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is shown here leaving federal court after appealing the NFL decision to suspend him for four games of the 2015 season. –Getty Images

Tom Brady and Roger Goodell have their day in federal court. Peyton Manning responds to Brady’s email about him. Rex Ryan grabs the guy who punched out Geno Smith, and the rest of the sports news you need to know to start your Thursday.

One lawyer believes Judge Berman will vacate Brady’s suspension: “Brady and the NFLPA hope that Judge Berman finds the NFL’s case against Brady so devoid of evidence that the judge can’t bring himself to conclude that the NFL lawfully punished him. While there is always risk in predicting how a judge will rule based on a judge’s line of questioning, Judge Berman’s noticeable skepticism of the NFL’s alleged facts is clearly an encouraging sign for the Brady camp.


“Attorney Alan Milstein, who has litigated against the NFL and tried cases before Judge Berman, told Wednesday night: ‘After what we heard today, I think Judge Berman will absolutely vacate Brady’s suspension.’’’ (Michael McCann/

The Tweet with the meat:

The guy who got the Deflategate ball rolling isn’t happy with Berman: “Tell me, how is that in any way germane to the discussion here over whether Brady and the Patriots cheated and whether Brady received due process from the National Football League? That sounds like something a New England fan named TB12IsGod might tweet to me. It is completely and utterly immaterial to the issue at hand.

“This is like saying, ‘Well, A-Rod is having a better season when he’s ostensibly not using performance-enhancing drugs, so he didn’t gain any competitive advantage from steroids; ergo, his cheating can be excused.’’’ (Bob Kravitz/WTHR TV)

Not everyone is buying that it was a big day for Brady: “Even if Berman ultimately sides with Brady, the embattled Goodell and the NFL are still sitting pretty for at least three reasons: the benefit of time, much deeper pockets than Brady or the union and, most of all, the achingly slow wheels of the federal court system.


“If the NFL doesn’t settle and Berman decides Goodell violated the procedures of the collective bargaining agreement, the league still can take his decision to the federal court of appeals and even, eventually, the U.S. Supreme Court.’’ (New York Post)

Brady’s agent Don Yee took one for the team: “Brady attorney Jeffrey Kessler made an interesting concession, remarking to Judge Berman that Brady could have complied better with the Wells investigation, a strategic concession to open the door to settlement negotiations on the obstruction front. In doing so, though, Kessler threw Brady’s agent/attorney Don Yee squarely under the bus. Perhaps this is some NFLPA payback for having been excluded when Brady was interviewed by Wells’s team. Now, in open court, Yee was sacrificed by the NFLPA.’’ (

‘Tom Brady just ruined what was left of his Golden Boy image’: “ The stink never goes away. Because of his hubris, Brady insisted on fighting the NFL which, whether right or wrong, is a bad look from a guy who’s hoisted its championship trophy four times. He could have let it go months ago and we’d be talking about Geno Smith’s jaw right now instead of some silly controversy from back in January.

“It didn’t have to be this way. No one would have thought Brady was admitting guilt if he’d taken the four-game punishment. It’d have been like pleading no contest to say “let’s get this over with.’’ The Patriots likely would have been in fine shape for yet another playoff run, even with Brady coming back in Week 6, as an angry Brady was liable to go off, just like he did last year after people questioned his starting role after a bad loss to Kansas City.’’ (


Peyton Manning responds to Brady’s exposed emails: “’The fact that his emails got revealed, that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. No harm, no foul. I didn’t think a lot of it. Somebody said I was roasted. I’ve been roasted before. That is NOT a roast. I haven’t been on a Comedy Central roast, but there have been a couple of those private dinners and banquets where I didn’t know it would turn into a roast of me, but it did. I can promise you, that email was amateur night compared to some of the things people really said about me.’’’(Denver Post)

Rex Ryan sucker punches Jets, claims Geno attacker: “When [Rex] Ryan took over the Bills, he promised to build a bully, and he wasn’t kidding. Ryan knows Enemkpali after drafting him in the sixth round in 2014 with the Jets and spending last year with him. The Jets dumped Enemkpali on Tuesday after he punched Smith in the face in a locker-room altercation before practice.’’ (New York Post)

And a little help for the reeling Red Sox: “The news that the Red Sox have hired former Los Angeles Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto should not come as a huge surprise. Nor, should it be interpreted as a shot across the bow of Ben Cherington. To the contrary, the hiring was almost predictable.

“First, Dipoto is, himself, a one-time Red Sox employee as a scout, so, after quitting the Angels last month in an ongoing dispute with manager Mike Scioscia, a reunion with the Red Sox seemed, if not inevitable, then, at the very least, likely.’’ (

Throwback Thursday: Katzenmoyer gives it the old college try and sacks Brady:

Ohio State linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer puts a hit on Michigan quarterback Tom Brady in the Buckeyes’ 31-16 victory at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, in this Nov. 21, 1998 photo. —AP

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