Here’s what Patriots fans have to say to Roger Goodell

A fan holds a "Leave Tom Alone" sign in pregame warm ups before a preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and Patriots at Gillette Stadium. –Getty Images

As might be expected, Patriots fans are still cheering for their quarterback. They’ve also got some harsh words for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

At the preseason opener for the Patriots at Gillette Stadium Thursday, many of the Foxborough faithful painted pro-Tom Brady and anti-Goodell messages on their vehicles, wore such slogans on their shirts, made signs to sell their story, and shouted their cause in the stands.

The cause is defending the Patriots’ quarterback in the ongoing Deflategate saga while ripping Goodell for his handling of the controversy. With the 2015 NFL season approaching, Brady has taken his battle to overturn a four-game suspension to federal court.


Watch the video embedded above to hear what some of those fans in attendance at the Patriots-Packers preseason kickoff had to say to Goodell.

Photos: Timeline of Deflategate Controversy

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