Tom Brady courtroom sketch should actually be worth ‘a few hundred dollars’

A courtroom sketch of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady by artist Jane Rosenberg.
A courtroom sketch of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady by artist Jane Rosenberg. –REUTERS

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The sports memorabilia website that sold the only known existing Deflategate football for nearly $44,000 has some advice for the woman who painted the recent courtroom sketch of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady: “Sell it on eBay.’’

Manhattan courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg says she may sell her original sketch of Brady after the drawing became an internet sensation. In a sketch also featuring NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and a bunch of lawyers, the handsome quarterback is depicted as something slightly spectral.

“Tell Tom Brady I’m sorry I didn’t make him look pretty enough,’’ Rosenberg told last week.


Rosenberg told The Boston Globe she got about 25 offers to buy the sketch immediately following the media frenzy, but she held off in the hopes she might get a better deal.

The problem with Rosenberg’s plan? The sketch might not be worth much.

“Generally ugly art is not valuable,’’ says Josh Evans, chairman at “But when something is media-worthy ugly art it can have value.’’

Evans estimates the sketch could sell for “a few hundred dollars.’’

“It could sell for $100 or it could sell for a couple thousand,’’ he says. “As an appraiser, I’d put it between $300 and $500.’’

Evans added that the ephemeral nature of the sketch — its noteriety is declining every day — makes it something his website wouldn’t be interested in purchasing.

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