Bill Belichick’s not mad; this is just his RBF


“RBF’’ is best known as “Resting Bitch Face.’’ But here in New England, we call it “Resting Belichick face.’’

Sure, there are a few things that can make Belichick smile: football practice, Tom Brady, and winning a Super Bowl. But otherwise, he’s got the “what-the-f-are-you-talking-about’’ resting face, which we know and love.

Here is a collection of Belichick photos proving that RBF is not just limited to women.

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Finally, we know why he’s had so many assistant head coaches come and go through the years.

Next time you’re watching Bill Belichick dodge questions about Deflategate or say things like “On to Cincinnati’’ 15 times in a press conference, remember that he’s not angry at you or the reporters asking him questions. For all we know, he’s thrilled to be a in a room full of inquisitive reporters with fantastic, pointed questions.


Cut him a break. He’s got “Resting Belichick face.’’

If you’re new to the acronym “RBF,’’ here’s a quick tutorial on the common usage.

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