Morning Sports Update: Brady, Goodell to meet with judge, sketch artist ready

Tom Brady will be back in federal court today along with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to explain to a judge why a controversy over underinflated footballs at last season's AFC conference championship game is spilling into a new season.
Tom Brady will be back in federal court today along with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to explain to a judge why a controversy over underinflated footballs at last season's AFC conference championship game is spilling into a new season. –AP

Tom Brady and Roger Goodell go back to court in hopes of reaching a settlement on the Deflategate saga, a no-hitter was tossed in Los Angeles last night, the Yankees come to town tonight, and the rest of the sports news you need to know to start your Monday.

Brady and Goodell go back to court: “If the sides don’t reach a settlement, and Berman issues a ruling, both sides have options with appeals. Should Brady lose, for example, that doesn’t mean he automatically serves his suspension. He could file for an injunction that allows him to keep playing until the appeal is heard. Should the NFL lose, it could also appeal in hopes of having the decision reversed. So while this part of the process in U.S. District appears to be nearing its end, the overall process could continue for months and possibly years.’’ (


Don’t hold your breath on a compromise being reached: “I expect Berman to push both sides anew today, trying to force two sides that don’t want to compromise to somehow find a deal. The NFL clearly wants Brady to admit fault and to accept some sort of punishment. Brady doesn’t want to admit fault on anything to do with deflating footballs below 12.5 psi. He will, reportedly, accept some sanction—with an eye-roll—for not cooperating fully with the investigation or obstructing the investigation with his diversionary cell-phone escapade. But I keep hearing that’s not good enough for the league.’’ (Peter King/

Sketch artist Jane Rosenberg drafts new Tom Brady portrait: “Jane Rosenberg’s new portrait of the embattled New England Patriots quarterback is a far cry from her viral sketch of the gridiron superstar during his first appearance in Manhattan Federal Court over the DeflateGate scandal.

“’I still found him very hard to draw — from a photo as well,’ the sketch artist said. ‘Something subtle goes on with his eyes. He has a big chin with a cleft in it.’’’ (New York Daily News)

A reminder that the Patriots footballs in the AFC Championship game were not “significantly’’ underinflated: “You could have owned that belief in January when the NFL was closely guarding the actual psi numbers and nobody knew much about the Ideal Gas Law. But once the Wells Report came out, you had to abandon it. The balls weren’t significantly underinflated. Half of them weren’t underinflated at all. The last frigging day of August and we’re still explaining this?’’ (


Injured Patriots running back James Develin thanks fans on Twitter:

David Ortiz closing in on 500 homers: “‘That kid was abusing this old man, throwing 99,’ Ortiz said, referring to right-hander Noah Syndergaard, the last of the three aces the Mets threw at Boston this weekend. ‘You turned it around pretty well,’ said [Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave] Dombrowski, referring to the 393-foot home run that Ortiz lined off the Pepsi Porch sign adorning the facing of the stadium’s second deck in right field.’’ (

ICYMI: Tom Werner breaks silence on Don Orsillo: “’I understand it has created some controversy,’ Werner said. ‘And I also understand that Don is a great broadcaster, but we felt that starting next year it was worth going in a different direction reenergizing the broadcast. And when the opportunity presented itself to bring Dave O’Brien to NESN, we just felt after a great deal of thought and consideration that was the right decision to make.’’’ (Boston Herald)

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Media columnist says ESPN punished Curt Schilling for telling truth: “So what Schilling tweeted was, a) true, b) a vast understatement, and, c) intolerable to ESPN, so at odds with the company’s position that ESPN had no choice but to publicly censure and punish him.

“Now that’s unacceptable! Yet it rhymes with the media’s selective outrages and selectively quiet pandering. And pandering continues as the frightened media’s path-of-least-resistance substitute for hard, unfortunate truths.’’ (New York Post)

Another writer thinks Schilling should be gone from ESPN for good: “Curt Schilling’s hateful, inaccurate and idiotic post to Twitter got him suspended from ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball telecast this week. Combined with the fact that he is terrible at his job, making his network’s signature baseball program nearly unwatchable, Schilling should be off the air for good, ideally never to be heard from again, as he has next to nothing worthwhile to contribute to human consciousness.’’ (


Ordway returns to WEEI: Glenn Ordway is returning to WEEI as co-host of the midday show (10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) with Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria, he confirmed this morning on the stations “Dennis and Callahan’’ show.

“I don’t think it will be safe radio,’’ Ordway said. “I think there’s too much of that right now, I really do. There’s a cookie cutter syndrome out there. Everybody has learned now through the ESPN process, ‘This is how you do radio, this is what you say, this is when you say it.’ I don’t think we’re going to do that. I think there’ll be a lot of people happy with it. There’ll probably be some people pissed off about it. I think both of those guys, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria, could be great in that type of format because I think they’re both opinionated guys. I’ve spent time speaking with both of them off the air, obviously a lot more with Lou over the years, and they’ve got knowledge certainly in the sports that they played and I think it goes well beyond that. But we’re not going to be safe. If you want safe, well, go somewhere else.

“And we’re not going to play the little… everybody used the word “trolling’’ right now, seems to be the word of the month, I’m not sure exactly what it is but we’re not simply going to make crap up. And we’re not going to play the game of which a lot of people are doing right now, “Oh my God, I don’t want to be classified as a homer, so therefore I have to go overboard against the local team,’ I’m not going to do that and I think this time around I’ll probably be a lot more open, a lot more unfiltered if you will. than I was the first time around. I’ve got nothing to lose, what do I care?’’

Cubs’ Jake Arrieta throws no-hitter against Dodgers: “This wasn’t one of those come-out-of-nowhere special nights. This was a man on a mission who has taken his game to the highest of levels since being acquired in a lopsided trade with the Baltimore Orioles on July 2, 2013. His win Sunday made him 6-0 in August with a minuscule 0.43 ERA.’’ (

A-Rod sends condolences to family of man killed when he fell from upper deck at Turner Field: “’It’s sad,’’ [Alex] Rodriguez told reporters after the game. ‘Upsetting, for sure. My prayers go out to his family.’’’ (New York Post)

CC Sabathia denies he was smoking a blunt on hotel balcony: “The big Yankee lefthander, who is on the disabled list with a bum knee, was at the center of yet another bizarre incident on Saturday when a photo agency offered to sell him a picture of him standing on the balcony of an Atlanta hotel room smoking what appeared to be a joint.’’ (New York Daily News)

ESPN reporter ignites Twitter firestorm with controversial Serena Williams tweet: “The business of sports doesn’t seem like it would make for an overly controversial topic. However, with ESPN’s Darren Rovell, controversy is never far off. Sunday, the ESPN sports business reporter was talking about the marketability of tennis stars Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.’’ (Chicago Sun Times)

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