Tom Brady’s dad calls into radio show, pronounces Roger Goodell ‘a flaming liar’

Tom Brady with his father in 2006.
Tom Brady with his father in 2006. –Ben Margot / AP

Good thing Tom Brady Sr. doesn’t work for ESPN.

The Patriots quarterback’s dad called in to a San Francisco radio show Friday afternoon and, among other things, called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a “flaming liar’’ and the league “a friggin’ kangaroo court.’’

(KGO and Cumulus Broadcasting both asserted it was in fact Brady’s father to Deadspin and CSNNE’s Tom Curran, who has interviewed Brady Sr. multiple times, confirmed the call’s authenticity to ProFootballTalk.)

To be fair, KGO host Chip Franklin began the segment by calling Brady a “cheater’’ and “a big freaking baby,’’ and saying he would chose Tim Tebow over the four-time Super Bowl winner — so Brady’s father was probably right to be a bit incensed.


“You’re being silly,’’ Brady Sr. said, when asked who he would pick between his son and Tebow. “That’s a stupid question, but more important than being stupid on that point, was the prior point that you just made about Tom Brady telling the ballboys to put a pin in the ball.’’

Brady Sr. said Franklin had no evidence and was “full of crap,’’ while Franklin continued to cite NFL evidence in the Deflategate saga. Brady Sr. called it “NFL propaganda.’’

“We know Goodell has lied,’’ he said. “He lied in the Ray Rice case, he lied in this case, he has lied in the [Adrian] Peterson case. How many times do you need to know that this guy is a flaming liar?’’

They also argued about what one typically does to get rid of/replace a cell phone and debated the precise degree of ball deflation and ohmygod can this whole thing be over, please.

h/t Deadspin

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