Tom Brady’s Ugg ads on the Mass. Pike, ranked

Because his newest ad is now up over the Pike, just like clockwork.

It’s September, everyone, and aside from celebrating all that is autumn with your shameless pumpkin spice lattes and back-to-school sweaters, it means it’s time to commemorate another new Tom Brady ad for Ugg. Rejoice, or otherwise discharge your loyalty.

This time every year, that vertical billboard over the Mass. Pike comes down in time for football season, only to be replaced with a new shiny shrine of our fair quarterback and those bumpkin footwear. It’s like a changing of the guards, except with Tom Brady’s face.

Here, we give you a ranking of the Mass. Pike ads of Tom Brady’s past and present. Frivolous? Maybe. Do we still care? Absolutely.


No. 8: The Ghosting of Brady

Look at this incredibly empty Ugg ad lacking its Tom Brady. Learn from your mistakes, Ugg.

No. 7: Is This an Instagram?

The Inkwell filter meets high fashion man-boots.

No. 6: The Dozier Dad

There’s nothing like a hip dress shoe paired with a pensive gaze into the distance to give us considerable “L.L. Bean dad’’ vibes.

No. 5: Dog Dayz

Here’s Tom Brady being unintentionally upstaged by a canine. It’s fine, it happens to the best of us.

No. 4: All Black Errthang

“Hey girl, this sweater? It’s boyfriend material.’’ -Tom Brady, probably.

No. 3: Long Hair Slicked Back, White (Under)shirt

Here’s Tom Brady with a James Dean daydream look in his eye.

No. 2: The Pancake Chronicles

What a family man. Work that spatula, Tom.

No. 1: The G.O.A.T.

Almighty cheekbone guardian Tom Brady is watching over us with vigilance like the prophet Tim Tebow says he is. Bow down.

Tom and Gisele sightings:

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