South Park burns Tom Brady and Gisele in upcoming premiere

From Miss America to South Park, Tom Brady keeps taking heat over Deflategate.
From Miss America to South Park, Tom Brady keeps taking heat over Deflategate. –AP

If you thought the Tom Brady bashing would stop once Judge Richard Berman overturned the NFL’s four-game suspension of the Patriots quarterback, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Over the weekend, Miss America threw some shade at Brady for “cheating,’’ and now the highly-acclaimed South Park animated comedy series takes some shots at the Bradys — and addresses Caitlyn Jenner — in Wednesday night’s 19th season premiere.

In the preview clip released for the episode entitled “Stunning and Brave,’’ Cartman is shown complaining to his fellow students about getting detention and pays homage to the Deflategate saga.

“You know what guys? I’m going to Tom Brady this thing,’’ Cartman says. “I’m going to say, ‘You’re not giving me four days of detention. You’re only giving me one. No, no! To hell with that, you’re giving no days suspension.’ Then I’m going to go home and [expletive] my hot wife, who’s not even that hot. Kind of looks like a dude.’’


It’s not the first time Brady has been the subject of series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s biting bits. The creative duo are both from Colorado and are unabashed Denver Broncos fans.

Two years ago on South Park, Brady was sent laxatives in lieu of hormones in a spoof on the Canadian healthcare system. The result was some high comedy:

The new season of South Park premieres on Comedy Central Wednesday, September 16 at 10 p.m.

Tom Brady through the years:

H/T: Boston Magazine

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