Bill Belichick credits Tom Brady’s work ethic for his longevity in the NFL

Tom Brady leaves the field after beating the Buffalo Bills Sunday.
Tom Brady leaves the field after beating the Buffalo Bills Sunday. –Bill Wippert/AP

Tom Brady has already stated that he won’t retire until he sucks. In that case, the Patriots’ 38-year-old quarterback seems to have a lot of football ahead of him.

Through his first two weeks in the 2015 season, Brady has completed 69.2 percent of his passes for 754 yards, seven touchdowns, and zero interceptions. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick credited Brady’s diligence when discussing his continued success during a conference call on Tuesday.

“Tom works really hard,’’ Belichick told reporters. “He takes great care of himself, and he works really hard physically to be ready to go. I have great respect for the way he competes all over the field in terms of his preparation, physically and as far as knowing our opponent and the game plan and all that. That’s a big part of it.’’


Earlier this week, Brady cited his mental preparation and experience as reasons why he’s rarely fooled in pre-snap reads. A February 2015 profile inThe New York Times Magazine chronicled the lengths that Brady physically prepares to play as long as possible, tailoring his diet, sleeping habits, and workout plans.

“He’s a tremendous worker,’’ Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said Tuesday when asked about Brady’s battle against Father Time. “He spends the entire year preparing his body and his mind, and I would go so far as to say the emotions and those types of things that we have to put into this job and that he has to put into it as a player. He spends a huge chunk of time getting himself prepared and ready to do the things that he wants to do.

“He has high expectations and high goals for himself. He knows that it’s going to take a tremendous amount of work to continue performing at the level that he wants to play at. I think he deserves a lot of credit for that.’’

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