Gronk’s agent says he threatened to fight another agent, and ‘Gronk loved it’

Rob Gronkowski salutes the cheering Patriots fans.
Rob Gronkowski salutes the cheering Patriots fans. –Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

Perhaps rash decisions can be shrewd decisions.

When recruiting a member of the Gronkowski family, for example, it may be wise to start a fight — or at least threaten to start one.

It worked for Drew Rosenhaus.

“I was doing an interview with Rob,’’ Rosenhaus said on ESPN’s Highly Questionable. “I was recruiting him. Another agent came in and was representing his two brothers, Dan and Chris, at the time. And he interrupted me, and I got into it with him, and we almost went to blows.

“It turns out that he backed down, and Rob was impressed with my fortitude in wanting to represent him. I wound up signing him.’’


Host Bomani Jones appeared skeptical and pressed Rosenhaus for more information. How did it all go down?

Rosenhaus explained: “I said, ‘Let’s go right now. You want to challenge me? You want to take Rob on? You take the first shot. Otherwise, get out of this room, right now.’’’

And the other agent left, Rosenhaus said.

The New England Patriots drafted Gronkowski in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, and he signed a $4.4 million rookie deal. With the help of Rosenhaus, he later signed a six-year, $53 million deal, which he will be under until 2020.

“Gronk loved it,’’ Rosenhaus said of the confrontation. “So did his dad Gordie, most importantly.’’

So much testosterone.

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