Tedy Bruschi calls Chandler Jones situation ‘an embarrassment to the organization’

Tedy Bruschi after winning his third title with the New England Patriots
Tedy Bruschi holds a dynasty poster and shows three fingers after Super Bowl XXXIX. –The Boston Globe - The Boston Gl

NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi had some words of criticism for New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones Thursday on ESPN.

“This is a distraction to the team,’’ Bruschi said on air, via ESPN.com. “He apologized for it. He mentioned how it was a mistake and how he wanted to apologize, but still, the mistake, this is an embarrassment to the organization. What happened, we’re talking about things like synthetic marijuana now. These words are coming up.’’

Bruschi played all of his 13 seasons in the NFL with the Patriots.

Jones, who showed up disoriented at the back door of the Foxborough Police station around 7:40 a.m. Sunday morning and taken by ambulance to the hospital, talked to the media Thursday, apologizing for what he called “a pretty stupid mistake.’’


Bruschi added that he wouldn’t be surprised if Patriots head coach Bill Belichick disciplined Jones in some manner during Saturday’s game against the Chiefs.

“I hope they gather all of their facts, and, if discipline is warranted, maybe it needs to be,’’ Bruschi said. “Bill Belichick has enforced discipline on players for being a distraction during crucial weeks before. Is it a series? Does he not start? Is it the first quarter? Something like that. That is what he will consider.’’

Bruschi, who played linebacker for three of the Patriots’ four Superbowl teams, was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2013 and is the only player in NFL history to return four consecutive interceptions for touchdowns. His career total of four interceptions returned for touchdowns ranks second in Patriots history.

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