New York Daily News front page mocks both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning

Fans of the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos may be at odds with each other next Sunday. But the New York Daily News has given both fanbases a common reason — or perhaps, enemy — over which to unite. Specifically, the New York Daily News.

“Manning vs. Brady in AFC title shame,’’ read Monday’s front page, labeling the upcoming AFC Championship game a “Clash of the Taint-ans’’ for the two quarterbacks’ entanglements in their respective controversies.

The Daily News is no newcomer to the troll game.

The paper has prominently taken Brady to task, for all things Deflategate, as well as his friendship with Donald Trump. Amid a report that Manning’s wife recieved HGH shipments, the paper teased the Broncos quarterback with a front-page story titled “Mann Trouble.’’


Recent moments in Tom Brady front pages:

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